SD 8-4000 D04

SD 8-4000 D04

100 x 200 x 5 cm, © 2016, niet te koop
Tweedimensionaal | Grafiek | Digitaal

This Sons and Daughters painting is an amazing work of art that literally come forth out of the painting Eight 8-4000. Searching and stretching each discovery exposes the amazing, almost endless beauty that is inside the original "father" painting. SD 8-4000 D04 shows a subtle movement and contrast in a diptych, creating a beautiful energy.

The painting is a reflection of different moments and movement in our lives. It shows the beauty of being in silence and peace but also how movement can breng beautiful colors and contrasts. The unity between the two is amazing.

On the other hand it is a beautiful reflection of unity between lovers. Showing how both can be so different in their expression and still be one in unity.

This artwork is unique and original. It is offered and available only once on HDFINISH, gloss finish on aluminium, along with a slim metal white frame. This diptych exists out of two artworks of 100x100cm each.