In deze XL serie gaat het om het samen laten komen van architectuur met kunst (art) en kunst met architectuur. Bekeken vanuit beide gezichtsvelden ontstaat een spannende, nieuwe synergie en nieuwe inspiraties.

uit 2014 tot 2014 (klik op de afbeelding om het werk groter te bekijken)
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The Dreams of Burj Al Arab


The Dreams of Burj Al Arab is the third painting in my newest series Art & Architecture.   The Dreams of Burj Al Arab is about my reflection of one of the most influential and astonishing buildings on our planet. It's pure and beautiful form, together with it's exposing richness and location makes it a precious jewel, a shining pearl, a global treasure, a cherishing dream and a rich inspiration for many.   The painting reflects the Burj Al Arab in it's most purest iconic form. A form that we all know so well and that has been stored in our unconsciousness. The icon is connected to a border that embraces and embodies the total painting as a treasure. A shining pearl finish highlights both border and icon emphasizing the richness of the treasure inside. A treasure that goes far beyond a tangible and visible richness. This treasure is a reflection of never ending global dreams and inspirations that have come forth through the Burj Al Arab. The Burj Al Arab has paved the way to show and inspire that nothing is impossible.  

Art & Architecture - OVG


Now 33% off. From 11.500 euro to 7666 euro. This painting is the second in the new series called Art & Architecture. A new series in which an interaction and synergy is sought between art and architecture. This painting is a reflection and translation of one of the most amazing and sustainable villa in the Northern part of the Netherlands. A villa built in Glimmen which I personally designed as an architect. It is an introduction of a new opportunity to create customized Artwork of any home, villa or building worldwide. OVG stands for Ode Villa Glimmen. If you are you interested in having such a unique Artwork that is fully connected, related and breathes the air of your own personal home, villa or building? Just contact me by mail or through my website.  

Art & Architecture - New Day


Tijdelijke korting van 33%. Nu 5133 euro in plaats van 7700 euro. Dit doek is het eerste doek in de nieuwe serie Art & Architecture. Een nieuwe serie waarin een interactie en synergie wordt gezocht tussen kunst en architectuur. Dit doek is een transitiedoek dat richting geeft aan de nieuwe serie. Een nieuwe dag dat speelt met vormen, compositie en kleuren.