About the Fully Exposed series


Fully Exposed is a pure revelation of inner beauty, power and energy that is revealed and exposed in it's total fullness. Elements that were not visible by the naked eye are found and discovered by taking the time to observe and to dig deep. Going beyond the limited boundaries of what we physically are able to perceive. But, once we have seen and are exposed to this amazing beauty, power and energy, we are overwhelmed with amazement, inspiration and excitement. We then see that even the smallest dot or spot becomes meaningfull and significant, making Fully Exposed a truly mind-blowing revelation and experience.


Fully Exposed is a new series of art that came totally unexpected. It didn't evolve out of a brainstorm session or by daydreaming. It wasn't prepared, arranged or developed. Fully Exposed was reveiled with great excitement, impact, power and inspiration.


The Fully Exposed series are literally extractions of the painting “A New Dimension” that I made in 2014. A beautiful painting with many fascinating and colorful details. A painting with great power and energy inside that was destined and called to be exposed.


By scanning the painting and taking out very small slices of the painting and stretching them to extreme lengths, the greatness of every small detail is fully exposed. A pure and ultimate reflection of inner beauty that was not visible through the naked eye. How truly amazing is it to see that something so small has so much power inside.


This simple, yet remarkable and pure operation is resulting in an amazing series of large sized works of art. Their appearances are powerful, colorful, exciting, fascinating, inspirational and truly mind blowing.


Fully Exposed is the result of an amazing synergy between hand-made art and modern technology in it's purest form. Lifting the results to a higher and at the same time deeper level.


As the word says, Fully Exposed is about a full, maximized exposure. Studying the possibilities of stretching and exposing “A New Dimension”, it became clear that only a maximized exposure of each detail would justify what was found inside. The beautiful details of the painting needed to be stretched to the max and fully exposed. Smaller or more modest presentations would choke the power and beauty inside and actually make it useless.


In these series nothing is kept hidden. The total fullness of the beauty and power of “A New Dimension” is shown as it is discovered. And the results? They are flabbergasting.


Fully exposed is about the greatness that is within each of us. Even the smallest part is so much greater then we think, can imagine or even see on the outside.


But, Fully Exposed is also about the greatness around us. This new series is an inspiration for us to sometimes slow down, stand still, look around, observe and enjoy. We are so used to continuously running that we often miss the deeper beauty of the things around us.


So be free en encouraged to take the time to observe and enjoy these colors to feel the energy. Life is beautiful and colorful as we search and find out.