Fully Exposed XL01

Fully Exposed XL01

300 x 1440 x 4 cm, © 2015, prijs op aanvraag
Tweedimensionaal | Grafiek | Digitaal

Fully Exposed is an amazing new series of art that came totally unexpected and with great excitement and inspiration.

These new artworks are literally extractions from a painting I made in 2014 called “A New Dimension”. A beautiful and colorful painting with an abundance of fascinating details.

“A New Dimension” was initially only scanned for the introduction of giclees. But when the digital scan of the painting was studied and very small slices of the painting were taken out and stretched, the excitement came. The results were truly flabbergasting! Very small pieces of the painting, that in itself were almost meaningless were “blown up” and stretched to sizes 5000 times it's original size. You would expect nothing special from such an excessive enlargement. However the reality was highly surprising. This interaction and synergy between art and technology brought forth amazingly and unique Artworks with sizes up to 3 x 14,4 meters. But the most amazing thing about these extreme large Artworks that keeps amazing me are the truly astonishing details that appear! How is it possible that something so extremely small and meaningless brings forth such exceedingly large Artworks filled with wondrous details? How truly amazing is it to see that something so small has so much power and beauty inside?

That is the unique revelation that comes with the Fully Exposed series. It is as if the inner beauty and greatness of the original “A New Dimension” was imprisoned and could only be released through it's full exposure.

This artwork is made available in 12 pieces of 3 x1,2 meters. Once on canvas and once on diasec. In the future this artwork will also be made available through 480 unique art prints (30x30cm) on Museum Fine Art Paper.